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The Best Disco shop in the west of Scotland
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We have a vast range of DMX Signal Cables
(for your DMX lighting)  & an Extensive Range
and lengths for your Power Cables like IEC to IEC Powerlinking .5 Mtr , 1 Mtr 2 Mtr etc  .
And with ALL prices reduced !!
Never be caught short
without the right cable again !!
Visit the
For Sale Page
for a look at some
of the bargains and deals available !!

Do you want this  . . . but can't afford it
LOOK, we have an alternative, it's here !! The Pioneer XDJ-R1  in stock NOW !!

Bring in your Favourite Track on memory stick or CD and hear it with the new XDJ-R1
coupled to the latest speakers from db Technologies the OPERA RANGE
Have a look (or drool) over these 'Next Generation' Speakers' Prepare to be blown away (and we mean that literally !!)
By these DX915 Active Speakers the Real 900W per ch speakers.

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 He's just got himself an 


Pioneer XDJ-R1

 PLUS !! A Pair of

See above
915 DX dBTechnologies  

 Speakers . . . . .

For a completely  
Brand new setup . . . 
Now that's AWSOME !!




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