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Gobo Starwash Multi Light Effect.
 Compact 3-in-1 light effect with 5 moving colour gobos, 5 LED colour washes and 2-colour multi-point laser. Easy to set up and operate with built-in programs for each effect or all combined, operated by auto sequence or sound activation.
A crackin' wee light & Laser combo. Bright and well programmed, and there flying out the door !!
    Multiple light effects in a single fixture
    Internal auto and sound-activated programs
    Supplied with IR remote control

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Stratos Duo RGB 
The Stratos Duo RGB is a bright LED colour panel that comes with 288 x 10mm LEDs and is ideal for use as a stage light. The arrangement of the RGB LEDs creates a pair of individually controllable concentric squares producing mesmerising effects. Static colours can be selected from the on-board menu along with built-in programs, master slave, sound activation and DMX. Also included is an IR remote for ease of set up and use.


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NEW dB Technologies OPERA UNICA Speakers.

OPERAs potential grows even further with OPERA UNICA: 2 brand new models (12" and 15" ) featuring CLASS D DIGIPRO G3 amp module delivering up to 1800 W peak and neodymium woofers.

What makes OPERA UNICA series 'unique' in dB Technologies active loudspeaker range, is its networkable capability via Aurora Net control software (available in free download at dBTechnologies website), using the integrated RDNet ports, allowing a complete EQ,delay and processing customization and real time monitoring of the PA system in use.

Opera’s distinctive asymmetrical acoustic design of the HF horn ensures optimized coverage. Furthermore, sound processing features linear-phase FIR filters allowing an excellent linear response, resulting in a clear and intelligible audio performance from every listening position.

The perfect features mix making OPERA UNICA ready for the most demanding professional users.

BRAND NEW OPERA UNICA'S  Get them from £699.00 each 


Your Expectations Exceeded.

The new Alto Professional Truesonic TS3 Series does everything you demand in a no-compromise family of professional loudspeakers. These speakers solve every performance and installation challenge you have. They are high-performance in every sense: Their new transducers and amplifiers enable them to play extremely loud and clear, without compromise or restriction. And they are high-performance from a concept and manufacturing standpoint, we made sure that every aspect of their design outperformed what it had to do. The end result are loudspeakers that achieve a level of excellence and refinement that defies expectations. Defies your expectations.


Just in (and shaking up the 'speaker world') the NEW ALTO Series 3 range of Speakers  8", 10", 12", 15" with 1000W RMS . .  come in and hear the difference !!

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Rubix RGB 3D Panel

Utilising RGB SMD 5050 LEDs combined with retro styling the Rubix offers a fresh approach to on-stage eye candy effects. Twenty seven pixels, arranged in a hexagonal chassis generate a full colour, 3D effect as the colours bring the flat panel to life. The choice of control options include sound active, master/slave, and auto, accessing a large number of built in macros making these ideal for night clubs, entertainers or on stage. The Rubix also features full pixel mapping capability for integration into larger systems.
Drop past and see what everyone is going . . .
oooh, wow look at that !!

Rubix RGB 3D Panel 
get a 
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Equinox Spark Stream
The Spark Stream is a unique type of special effects machine that projects cool sparks. The system contains no explosive content making it perfect for any indoor or outdoor event from fashion shows and concerts to corporate events. The unit operates at much cooler temperatures than traditional pyrotechnics by heating specially formulated granules and projecting them into the air. The sparks produced are non-flammable and non-hazardous.
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DJ Booth LED Starcloth
Upgrade your Equinox DJ Booth with this black starcloth, featuring 72 white LEDs and an advanced DMX controller. Additionally you can create a white starcloth effect when combining the white lycra supplied with the EQLED12P and this black starcloth

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 DJ Booth Quad LED Starcloth
Featuring 72 quad-colour 5050 LEDs, this DJ Booth starcloth comes supplied with an advanced DMX controller. The controller features solid colour selection coupled with pattern and speed control, allowing the DJ to match the starcloth colour to any other room lighting. Supplied with heavy duty carry bag.
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 Truss Booth LED Starcloth
Featuring 48 5mm white LEDs, this Truss Booth starcloth comes supplied with an advanced DMX controller. The controller features sound active, auto run and auto fade modes. Supplied with heavy duty carry bag.
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dB Technologies ES1002 Speakers.
The top satellite is equipped with 8x4" mid-woofers, whose alignment allows an asymmetrical vertical coverage, avoiding any useless dispersion of the sound above the audience. Moreover, each mid-range woofer is provided with a newly designed phase-plug able to widen the horizontal coverage while guaranteeing a perfect intelligibility of the vocal range from every listening position.

The sub encompasses 2X12" woofers in bass-reflex configuration, the amp module and the control panel, whose inclined design improves usability. I/O section allows to connect up to 2 INPUTS (XLR mono and RCA stereo with independent volume controls) and provides a balanced link out to feed a second system or a stage monitor.

A rotary with 8 preset EQ helps users to perfectly tune the system, adapting it to different environments and uses (playback, live music, speech etc.).

The enclosures of both top and sub are made of plywood, coated with a durable scratch-resistant finish, which makes ES1002 truly road-ready.
Hearing is believing, with 900 W (per side)
[if you buy a pair]
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No Computer Needed
Yes! Take command of the DJ booth with the all new standalone MCX8000 and transform an ordinary set into a full concert experience. Two hi-definition display screens control Denon DJ’s revolutionary standalone Engine 1.5 software and Serato® DJ operation. It’s fully loaded with a 4-channel digital mixer that comes with 3 built-in instant effects for Engine software and line inputs. The solid metal construction is buttoned-up with velocity-sensitive performance pads for cues, rolls, slicer and samples.

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Mipro 2401 Radio Mic


    Stable digital FSK modulation circuitry. All frequencies are located in this band.
    Employ Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology, and each channel presets 4 hopping frequencies that skip the Wi-Fi frequency in use.
    The adaptive tracking algorithm helps effectively avoid interference from 2.4GHz communication products.
    With dual tuner true diversity receiving, the receiving distance is up to 100 meters (330 ft.) with no signal drop-out.
    The precisely designed PCB is enclosed in a sturdy case.
    Graphic OLED screen.
    The included battery of the rechargeable handheld and bodypack transmitters can be easily removed or interchanged for charging.
    An affordable price for entry-level consumers and the music instrument market.
    Bright LEDs for battery status.

 Crackin' Radio Mic.   £259. 00
Mipro MP-20 Battery Charger

The Mipro MP-20 battery charger charges one or two Mipro ICR18500 lithium rechargeable batteries, used in the ACT-24HC and ACT-24TC hand held microphone and bodypack transmitter.
An LED lamp indicates charging status, illuminating red when charging and changing to green when fully charged.
Features reverse polarity protection circuit.
Includes power supply.
Optional mic charger for the Mipro 2401 . . £45.00



DDJ 1000 Controller
Make the most of rekordbox djs enhanced new features with our dedicated 4-channel DJ controller. Featuring the professional layout inherited from the flagship NXS2 models, it’s the portable, compact solution for performing at parties and events. The DDJ-1000 features all-new high definition LCD screens on each jog wheel, allowing you to keep your eyes intuitively on the deck.

Fluidly select tracks you didn’t consider compatible thanks to rekordbox dj’s new Related Tracks feature. Bring creative flair to performances with 14 Beat FX   including four new versions  and instantly trigger Hot Cues, Loops and more with the 16 multicoloured Performance Pads. 
4 X Ch Mixer & Full Size Jog Wheels
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Wash FX 2
Wash FX 2 is a multi-purpose effect light with 18 Quad-color (RGB+UV) LEDs that can be used as a regular wash light or eye-candy effect with 6 chasing zones. Powerful UV LEDs create a psychedelic blacklight effect and provide brilliant color-mixing capabilities. Wash FX 2 can be controlled with the IRC6 wireless remote for wireless triggering or in stand-alone, DMX, IR or master/slave modes.

18 LEDs (quad-color RGB+UV) 6 W
Chauvet (optional) Remote Control. !


This is the effect EVERYONE is talking about
CHAUVET the 'NEW' Wash FX 11  £169:00

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