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dB Technologies  ES1203


ES1203 is a 3-amped stereo sound system composed by 2 passive wooden tops and one active wooden subwoofer equipped with 2X12" woofers. The sub hosts last-generation Digipro G4 2400W Peak amp. A powerful DSP which is controlled by an intuitive user interface placed on the top of the sub manages all function of the 5-channel on-board digital mixer as well as the system configuration.
Each top satellite is equipped with 4x4" mid-woofers, whose alignment allows an asymmetrical vertical coverage (thanks to the Logarithmic Curved Column Array technology). The unique design of phase plugs widens the horizontal coverage and guarantees a perfect intelligibility.
Moreover, on board DSP allows users to choose among 3 Configuration Modes (Mono, Stereo or Double Column) and 2 different Steering Modes (Far and Near). This way, the system adapts to all kind of environments and guarantees the best throw pattern.


Reaching for perfection ?   £ if you have to ask . . . 


Rotosphere Q3
 With THREE ZONES of Effects
Rotosphere Q3 is an easy to use mirror ball simulator with high-power, quad-color LEDs. 3 LED zones emit up to 3 different colors simultaneously and slow rotation speed creates a romantic atmosphere. Rotosphere Q3 is easily controllable with the optional IRC-6 remote and the digital display even allows you to set a color and rotation speed without any controller. Mount Rotosphere Q3 to truss with the included bracket or place it on a stand as a centerpiece.

Ideal Wedding / Disco 'sphere'   . . .   £225.00. each



Interceptor MKII 2 x 10W CREE

The Interceptor projects multi-coloured, widely dispersed beams of light that rotate and twist at varying speeds via its 16 lenses. With stunning built-in patterns, the Interceptor works via sound activation or DMX.

 Improved Brightness Roomfiller
Special Deal - £69.00 each




 BIG !! LED Starcloth

These starcloths are made from high quality, low reflective material and can quickly be mounted onto a goalpost or DJ stand using the provided reusable cable ties, making them ideal for mobile DJs ...

    Dimmable LEDs
    Modes: flash, fade, strobe and sound-to-light
    High quality & flame retardant fabric
Wedding Speaches, Kids Parties, Corporate meetings, Fashion Shows
BIG ! .....2 MTRS X 3 MTRS  . . .   £199.00




Crossfire XP

This room filling effect features 8 gobos that sweep the room whilst changing colour. The unit works well as a stand-alone centrepiece or can be combined and linked in master/slave mode. Loaded with 8 x 10W RGBW LEDs it covers large rooms with ease making them ideal for mobile entertainers and small venues.



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BRAND NEW (version)  £129.00


Brand New "Saturn Spot"

This hybrid two-in-one moving head houses a high output 30W LED, along with a gobo wheel utilising 9 gobos plus open and a colour wheel with 9 dichroic colours plus open with manual focus adjustment. Adding to the functions of this unit are 3 LED rings with a total of 76 RGB SMD LEDs providing individual control with stepless RGB colour changing meteor effects. The 4 button LED menu system facilitates control via DMX, stand-alone and master/slave modes. Flicker-free projection and automatic position correction are also included.

Look at this  >> Saturn Spot <<



FXpar 3

FXpar 3 is a compact effect par with multiple technologies in a single fixture. It includes three 8W Quad-color (RGB+UV) center LEDs, RGB SMD LED lights and SMD strobes. Separate control of these features makes creating breathtaking effects easy. FXpar 3 is compatible with IRC-6 for flexible control over all features and includes powerful sound-activated and automated programs.
This is not an ORDINARY PAR CAN !!  £95


Voice Rover

Voice Rover is a compact, easily-transportable AC/battery-powered PA system that solvesfor the first time your dilemma of how to deliver true professional-grade sound reinforcement to an outdoor event or large interior space when there is no access to AC power.

Multi-Mission Capable
The Voice Rover can operate for up to 12 hours off its built-in rechargeable battery, which provides a cord-free power supply for its powerful internal Class D amplifier. The amplifier drives a high-output 10-inch 2-way speaker system in a compact, lightweight enclosure. It can also be plugged into an AC outlet. This means that the Voice Rover goes wherever you have the need for clear, punchy high-fidelity sound: outdoor weddings and business meetings, backyard barbecues, award/graduation ceremonies, singers/small musical ensembles, etc. Whether AC power is available or not, it's no problem for the Voice Rover.
cover is extra
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The 'Rolls Royce' of portable PA.   £469.00




with integrated MP3 player Stereo DJ mixer

  • 4 stereo input channels, switchable 2 x line/phono, 1 x line/CD and 1 x line/USB (SD)
  • Input channels, each with gain control, 3-way equalizer and PFL push-button, with LED level display of the stereo master
  • 1 DJ microphone channel, adjustable, with 2-way tone control and manual talkover
  • Adjustable headphone output with pre-fader listening to the stereo input channels and the master output
  • Crossfader with assignment switches and switchable characteristic
  • Master output with stereo LED level display

We have 1 for only £229.00   19" Mixer with a backup mp3 player !!




Pioneer DDJ RB

Start to mix

The entry-level DDJ-RB is inspired by our professional controllers for rekordbox dj, the DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX. This USB-powered, 2-channel controller is all you need to get started with our rekordbox dj DJ software.

Perfected for use on the move, the DDJ-RB is a compact, lightweight controller packed with advanced features. It has an intuitive layout, responsive jog wheels and tactile Performance Pads that let you trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Slicer and Sampler. Plus a button to call up sample sequences directly from the hardware.
Brilliant (ex demo ) Laptop Controller, and it's a Pioneer  .... £129.00



The ECDMP-7000
Everything but the kitchen sinkā€¦
Offering modern DJs a complete all-in-one solution, the CDMP-7000 packs professional features and outstanding playback versatility into one powerful, portable workstation.
Offering modern DJs a complete all-in-one solution, the CDMP-7000 packs professional features and outstanding playback versatility into one powerful, portable workstation.
With two feature-rich decks and a comprehensive central mixer section, this inclusive unit provides everything you need to electrify a crowd in any venue.
It's like a pioneer but, Special from us  £699.00 
(we love it!!)





dB Technologies System.

2 X 12" Subs . . . & 2 X (Slimline Tops)
we have a Brilliant dB Sysytem for sale
(it's ex demo, so you've probably seen it if not heard it !)

We have a lovely pair for sale.
ALL 4 cabs  ..... only £1299.00 system

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