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Intimidator Spot 255 IRC


Intimidator Spot 255 IRC is a feature-rich moving head spot fitted with a 60 W LED. This power-packed member of our Intimidator family enhances any event and brings out the best in any application. Using it generates a synchronized light show in Master/Slave mode with built-in automated programs. Other features include built-in effect macros and move-in-black capabilities, selectable pan and tilt ranges, electronic dimmer, split beam with 3-facet prism, easy-access gobo door for quick gobo changes, and sound activated programs. Control this effect wirelessly with the optional IRC-6 remote. The Intimidator Spot 255 IRC fits best in the CHS-X5X VIP gear bag.


60W Moving PERFECT for the Wedding DJ    £449.00  each


 Portable 2-channel controller for rekordbox DJ
Hitting the decks has never been easier and more intuitive - even for first-time DJs. Not only does it boast all popular features from the DDJ-SB such as Filter Fade and Performance Pads but it now boasts features not usually found at this price point, including trim pots, level meters, the Pad Trans beat effect and 4-deck control.
 "Record Box"
Ideal 'software' controller

Ideal 'software' controller, too many effects to list  . . .   £219.00 !!



 Revolution RGBW LED Effect

Great for venues of all sizes, the Revolution offers an amazing output and superb programs with its seven dazzling, colour changing LED clusters cover a wide area. This fixture also features a 1/4" input for the optional Smart Controller.

 Improved Brightness
Special Deal - £109.00 each



American Audio ELS GO 8BT
The American Audio ELS GO 8BT active speaker is packed with features including a rechargeable battery bluetooth music playback USB/SD input and is stand mountable. 2-way Active lightweight speaker with rechargeable battery 8-inch woofer / 1" high frequency Driver Bluetooth Music Playback with compatible Bluetooth device USB and SD inputs with transport control 8 Hours music playback on a single charge see manual for details 100 Watts RMS Play off standard power or built in rechargeable battery.
Stand Mountable Microphone and Line level controls Master Level Control Bluetooth/SD/USB level control 1 XLR & TRS MIC input with digital Echo 1 & 1 Stereo RCA line inputs 2 total 1/8  stereo line level output Easily replaceable battery 4-Way Protection System Short circuit and Thermal protection Active signal limiting system with Clip LED indicator on rear panel Charge indicator LED Time Aligned Electronic Crossover Dimensions (LxWxH): 27 x 28 x 39cm Weight: 8kg
 Ideal for:
Wedding Speaches, Kids Parties, Corporate meetings, Fashion Shows
Fab wee 8" Battery / Mains Speaker with Bluetooth facility & built in mixer, for only £169.00



EPX Amplifiers 

W Audio have designed the EPX Series power amplifiers to work perfectly with most loudspeaker systems. These power amplifiers feature high power outputs, extended reliability, and superior stability for a wide range of applications.

We currently have a range of W.Audio (Warrior) Amplifiers in stock, ranging from 300W to an impressive 1200Watts. So if you have passive speakers, if you have an installation, or just for backup (in case). . .
Starting from £95 call us for details . . . 


Aluminium, Fibre, & Flight Cases

Remember we have a wide selection of lightweight Aluminium, Lightweight "Fibre" cases as well as an extensive selection of Flight Cases to protect your gear. Cases for Controllers, Radio Mics, Mixers, Amps, (people still use them) Lights and lighting. . . .
So think twice about taking your equipment into a gig in a tattered 'original' cardboard box. When you could take your gear to the venue in a nice flight case, and aluminium or fibre case it gives you that 'Professional look' and protects your stuff against damage.  The added benefit is, when you come to sell your gear it'll look better (because we know the majority of damage is generally done in transit), look at your speakers, a lot of DJs now transport their speakers in bags!!   You know it makes sense !!

Our Cases start at  £10.00 



FXpar 3

FXpar 3 is a compact effect par with multiple technologies in a single fixture. It includes three 8W Quad-color (RGB+UV) center LEDs, RGB SMD LED lights and SMD strobes. Separate control of these features makes creating breathtaking effects easy. FXpar 3 is compatible with IRC-6 for flexible control over all features and includes powerful sound-activated and automated programs.
This is not an ORDINARY PAR CAN !!  £95


Vapour 1000 [ HAZE MACHINE ]

The Vapour 1000 hazer is capable of producing a room hanging haze in a matter of moments. The haze will emphasise the effects that lighting fixtures and spotlights create. The haze that this machine produces makes it possible to easily see the beams of light from your fixtures. The hazer features a fan and adjustable haze direction control so it doesn't blow one big plume of smoke onto the stage.
The hazer can also be DMX controlled and comes supplied with an on-board control panel.




Great 'HAZE' machine !!   £109.00 




Pro finish fixed frequency UHF wireless microphone system.  UHF wireless system including dual channel receiver and 2 mic transmitters
Individual channel volume controls.  LED status indicators, 2 x adjustable antenna, System includes receiver, 2 x mics, batteries, PSU and audio cable, 2 x balanced XLR outputs
1 x unbalanced 6.35mm jack mixed output
Working distance: 50 meters, Continuous usage: 5 hours

Special Price from us TWIN RADIO MICS, UHF, (no cutting out)  only a few left !  
£89.00 set




MidiPar Tri Plus

This extremely powerful fixture features 1.5W tri-colour LEDs (RGB) and produces a varied range of effects including colour change and fade along with eye candy effects created with its 6 segments, all controllable in auto and sound active modes along with DMX. It features an ABS plastic housing with twin brackets making it suitable for truss mounting or floor standing.
Midi Par Tripar Plus .... £65.00

Power Par 54

These powerful fixtures feature tri-colour LEDs and produce a range of effects including colour change and fade, controllable in auto and sound active modes along with DMX. A dual bracket is included allowing the fixture to be hung or stood on the floor.

Power Par 54 .... £49.00



CLUB CX 6 Mixer 
Offering all the features and specifications required from mixing consoles at this level, at a great price point. With features such as 3 band EQ, built-in channel compression, DSP effects and a hugely versatile MP3/USB/SD card playback and recording system.

Input channels, are fully featured with 3 band EQ, 2 Auxiliaries, balanced mic/line connectors, compressor control and a useful channel MUTE switch. Stereo channels differ only with 2 band EQ and no compressor.

Main outputs are balanced XLR, with additional jack outputs available for auxiliaries and control room, and RCA phono record/playback facilities.

The USB/SD card facility for stereo recording / playback  make the CLUB XS ideal for project home recording or giving the ability to supply interval / backing music to your live performance. To add further practicality to the unit, there is a built in MP3 player and Bluetooth playback facility to give you every opportunity to make your live performance as quick and easy to set-up as possible.      Also included on both CLUB XS models is a high quality 16 programme DSP effects unit.        In addition to this, the CLUB XS models feature +48V phantom power on all mic channels, high quality 60mm smooth faders, and a robust quiet internal switchmode power supply.
LOOK has XLR outputs !!  Special from us  £119.00  (best wee 'big' mixer we have !!)






2-channel UHF system composed of 2 handheld microphone transmitters and 1
receiver. The UHF technology stands for a longer transmission range and
improved stability. Ideal for singers, presentations, etc.
  - CE harmonized fixed frequencies (UHF band)
  - Digital display on the mics showing the frequency 
Fab for Karaoke, Giving out for Wedding speeches, or just using at your gigs.
We have 'personally' road tested these mics . . .  there FAB !!

Nearly sold out AGAIN !! ..... only £59.00 a set

These are a few of the bargains available IN STORE.

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