Have you have been thinking about looking for a website and thought . . . 
Where do you start ?
Lift the phone; call 0141 404 6347 or 07973 634585 . . . as simple as that.

Do you really need one ? 
Why not ?  In the majority of situations you will benefit from having a website.
Your website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
At the very least people will be able to access your contact details. With smart phones and mobile broadband the people are accessing the internet. Plus a whole host of other reasons, most of which I won't bore you with just now. We can discuss WHY this is a great idea for you when we have a chat about it later.

Who can help me ?
Here at Business Class Design we can help you. Getting a website is easier than you think, having a custom designed website can have a beneficial impact on your business.   
In fact, thinking about it for too long can have the opposite effect.
Just imagine how many potential clients that may have visited your site . . . . .
while you’re reading this!!
Seriously though, act now, get online and see how an attractive, informative
website can help your business succeed.

Now you've decided it’s for you, contact us now !!
Don’t worry if you ‘don’t know anything about computers’ you don’t have to,
we’ll do it for you.
(plus we’ll give you a run through and show you what you have to do . . .  if anything !!)

Contact us now on 0141 404 6347, ask for Iain, and we’ll tell the world who you are.

Apart from website design we also offer services, including Photography, and Digital Slideshows.

“Why do we take photographs?” 
That's the question with a very simple answer, regardless of the photographer’s subject or level of expertise:
“So someone else can see them.”
Photography has come a long way since the box brownie. 10 mega pixel cameras are now incorporated into your mobile phones !! However, taking a picture and capturing an image are two different things !  
Capturing that all important scene or image to best represent you, whether it’s on the www or for a picture in the local paper, means you really need to present yourself with a shiny face!   (Remember your old school photie)  So let us capture the real you.
Say Cheese


Web sharing, Digital Frames, iPods, and DVD shows are making inroads into the paper and photographic print.   Showtime™ is changing the way we see “slide shows” ,  with the latest Graphic Motion Software, we can create depth and power from Digital Photographs, or Video. From Artwork to line drawings let us put the va va voom in your next presentation.   
Turn a series of pictures into a compelling selling tool using Showtime™.   Ideal for Car Sales, Estate Agents, Wedding Photographers, etc, and the list goes on.
Adding style to your photo slideshows with motion graphics, audio and voice over, Showtime™ will exceed your expectations.
To see a quick selection, that mearly scratches the surface, click below.
To view a sample Click Here