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The GSC's most Frequently Asked Questions.

What's the best way to ask you a question, or get your advice?

  1. At the shop ; in person, is always the best way . . . we can better demonstrate products or show you the 'default' settings for (example) a Mixer or controller. In store we can take the time to explain, in greater detail the 'merits', or the pros & cons about a particular item or purchase. Maybe the way a certain item would work best for you, why you should (or shouldn’t) get a particular speaker, light, controller, mic or accessory . . . because . . . . . ?
  2. On the Phone : If you can’t make it into the shop but want to ask us something, and we are busy when you call, and we can’t briefly answer your inquiry because there are customers in store, we will call you back as soon as soon as we can.
  3. Facebook : We don't always see Facebook as quickly as we'd like . . . . so … can I refer you back to answers 1 & 2 . . for the quickest way to get an answer !!

Is my rig big enough for the gigs I do ?

Well, if you have a small to medium system, which is adequate for most of your gigs, but you’d like to ‘blow the roof off’ occasionally but your gear just won’t go loud enough. If you find your 2000w system isn’t cutting it, and you want more power …. We can advise on various options. However if you’re looking for a 4K or 5K, 6k or more rig, but, the number of times you’d use it wouldn’t justify you buying all the extra gear (at the moment) . . . well why not Hire It !

This way you’ll it’s not only going to give you the power you want but will be more cost effective as well. (saves you getting a big rig you seldom use, until you ‘do’ need it. )

Are my 'Lasers' safe to use ?

Yes the ones we sell in store are safe. They constantly move (so no 'constant beam' that could potentially harm someone). Nightclub lasers are more powerful, and have health and safety regulations to contend, like having to be above head height because of safety issues.

All the lasers we have are either single colour or multi colour lasers and will not affect or ‘damage’ people’s eyes because they either have a pattern they run or are in constant motion because of the onboard programming.

While wer're talking about lasers, why does my green laser get very dim ?

Lasers, in general, do NOT like the cold, but the 'green' laser diode is more prone to the change in temperature, and take a while to 'heat up'. Another FYI .. a Laser is basically a powerful ‘light bulb’ or Light Emitting Diode that over time will progressively dim. So eventually it’ll need repaced.

Bass bins, necessary ? and how big and how many ?

Well, for a standard disco setup we would suggest that you only really need a single bin.

Big enough to complement your system. (we can advise)

However, there is an argument for the symmetry of two bins and two tops. Some DJ’s prefer to have Two Bins and Two Tops … you can if you want, but a suitable ‘single bin would be adequate to “add meat to the bones” of your gig, and give you that bit more oomph !!

Although as you have no doubt have seen, depending on the venue, and number of people attending, the speaker / bass bin ratio could grow exponentially. Twin bins and 4 tops are not uncommon. ( and we don’t mean “Going loco, down in Acapulco 😊 )

What about Speaker Stands ?

There are a few questions here,

Do I need them ?? Unless you have a pole on your bass bin (see the previous question) and have you ‘top’ mounted on that, then a Speaker Stand is necessary to project the sound through a crowd

And why do my stands keep breaking ?? Well, overtightening, is the main cause of your stand needing replaced, … so always hand tighten and use the pin at whatever hight you select, because the tightening is only to stop it turning round when you are using them.

Neglecting them (getting bashed about) will always mean you will eventually need a new stand.

Always buy a good stand, it pays off in the long run. Lightweight stands are great for carrying about, but a good set of heavy duty stands will last a lot longer !!

As a FYI … Big Iain in the shop, his stands are 16 years old. In a bag, never over tightened, never ‘thrown’ into the back of the car . . . and still going strong !!

What about Haze or Smoke ?

Smoke is largely frowned upon by many venues because of the problem of setting off the fire alarms. They give out a big blast of concentrated smoke, which will give you instant results for your lighting effects, and if you buy the right fluid it’ll ‘hang about’ for quite a while. but only if the venue allows.

Haze, on the other hand doesn’t give you a ‘get out of jail free’ card, however unlike the big blast from the smoke machine and the ‘whooshing noise’, the Haze machine will (if used correctly) build up a workable “haze” ambience for your effects.

Just remember, you don’t really need a huge amount to get the effect !

You can always have a demo in the shop.

What about my cables ?

Right, now this is a bone of contention !!!

Always look after your cables ! Don’t wrap them up like a washing line, don’t wrap them up too tight, don’t bend them too much, don’t leave them in a bundle when in use

(this is to do with cable resistance)

Calculating the resistance of a cable, there is a very simple formula that works well within an ohm or so with copper cable. 19 ÷ by 2.5mm² will give you 7.6 ohms per km. ÷ by 1000 for resistance per meter. 19 ÷ by 4mm² will give you 4.75 ohms per km

Always . . . and it's worth repeating ... ALWAYS buy a good cable !

The cheaper end of the cable market means you are going to have a problem at some point. The better (OK, more expensive cables) are thicker, made better and are made for ‘for the road’ !

Like car tyres, which are the only thing touching the road, …your cables are the only thing sending power or signal through your rig. If you have a wonky cable, you might end up with a major problem at the beginning, or more problematic . . . during a gig !

Look after your cables they will last longer, but over time and use they will need replaced. We always advise you to have a couple of spare cables in your bag / box, it makes sense and there not expensive. Which would be better than having a problem gig, or a disappointed crowd.

DJ Forums

Unlike in the dark and distant past when you just went out; done a gig, came back home and that was it. Reading about something in a magazine and thinking “I’ll get that, sounds like a good lighting effect, or a sound system or something”.

Since those days where DJ’s went out with boxes of big black things ( Records, for those who use computers and USB drives) and had to rely on their own skills, and improved along the way through experience, … well we have since moved on to using the internet, social media, DJ meetings etc.

So, to get the best advice available and check out the best deals, and new product reviews … join a DJ forum, get to a meeting and network with likeminded Jocks and individuals to find out what’s happening.

Carrying Spare .... ?

With DJ’s using the ‘family car’ to go out to do their gigs the gear has become smaller. Remember though, a small speaker WON’T have the oomph you need for a good gig, so you’ll need a small bass bin.

Like the smaller speakers, smaller lighting effects probably won’t have the awe effect you would like. So the compromise is smaller gear, or bigger transport. However if you can get a small standby mixer/ controller and cables in a bag … just in case !!

For anyone that was a scout ... "be prepared !!"

Active (Powered) Speakers V Passive

We could go over and over this, and audiophiles will disagree, but we have reached a point where the reliability of the powered (or Active) speaker is so good we would prefer them over the ‘passive’ speaker for convenience and usability.

However, if you want to use ‘powered speaker’ as ‘passive one’, … in most case, no you can't.

Today’s amps have a single full-band output. When connected to passive multiway speakers, signal which will be separated into two using frequency band separator in the unit. ... On the other hand, powered speakers are bi-amped (internally) therefore giving you a ‘system’ in one box.

Which in layman’s terms means you can ONLY use the amp module in your powered speaker to power that speaker.

So, if one of your active speakers goes PHUT, you won’t be able to run a cable from one to another. It just doesn’t work, turn up your remaining speaker a little to compensate until the end of the gig.

(The only way round that is : if your ‘connection’ to your speaker is suspect you can run a ‘signal’ cable from one active to another.)

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